Mohamed Elegendy

Mohamed Elgendy

VP of Engineering, AI Platform

Mohamed is the VP of Engineering, AI Platform at Rakuten and author of Deep Learning for Vision Systems book. Previously, he built and managed AI organizations at Synapse, Amazon, and Twilio. Mohamed founded Amazon’s computer vision think tank and speaks at AI conferences like Amazon’s DevCon, O’Reilly’s AI conference and Google’s I/O.

How to Choose the Right ML Tooling and Infra for your Team
Wednesday, January 27 | 
11:40 AM - 
12:10 PM

The landscape of ML tooling has become richer and richer over the last few years. Most emerging tools expand from an initial focus point, as in “that one nagging problem” they set out to solve. The result is a jungle of opinionated tooling in the ecosystem that can easily become overwhelming for machine learning engineers and leaders. In this talk we will explore some of the most important tools in the market and how to set up an end to end workflow for your machine learning teams to increase the team’s collaboration and productivity.

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