Luigi Patruno

Director Data Science

Luigi Patruno is a data scientist and consultant. He is currently the Director of Data Science at 2U,  where he leads a team of data scientists responsible for building machine learning models and  infrastructure. As a consultant Luigi helps companies generate value by applying modern data science methods to strategic business and product initiatives. He founded MLinProduction.com to collect and share best practices for operationalizing machine learning and he has taught graduate courses in statistics, data analysis, and big data engineering. He holds an M.S. Computer Science and a B.S. Mathematics from Fordham University.

Wednesday, October 2
11:10 am
11:35 am
Robertson 1
Productionizing machine learning models in an organization is a difficult challenge for several reasons. From a technical perspective, it requires tooling to handle tasks such as model deployment, monitoring, and retraining. Talent-wise, these tasks require practitioners to possess technical skills in software engineering and DevOps. Coupled with a rapidly changing landscape and shortage of established best practices, operationalizing models is no small feat. Kubernetes provides machine learning practitioners the ability to deploy their model training and inference processes, scale deployed models vertically and horizontally, and can be extended to cover use-cases including model monitoring and A/B testing. The goal of this presentation is to discuss how Kubernetes can be leveraged to train, deploy, and monitor models in production settings. Throughout the talk we'll reveal the technical and organizational lessons learned from using Kubernetes to productionize machine learning workloads at 2U.
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