Krishna Gade

Krishna Gade

CEO and Founder

Krishna is the co-founder and CEO of Fiddler, an Explainable AI Monitoring company that helps address problems regarding bias, fairness and transparency in AI. Prior to founding Fiddler, Gade led the team that built Facebook’s explainability feature ‘Why am I seeing this?’. He’s an entrepreneur with a technical background with experience creating scalable platforms and expertise in converting data into intelligence. Having held senior engineering leadership roles at Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Microsoft, he’s seen the effects that bias has on AI and machine learning decision making processes, and with Fiddler, his goal is to enable enterprises across the globe solve this problem.

Explainable Monitoring for Successful AI Deployments
Wednesday, January 27 | 
01:00 PM - 
02:00 PM

Training and deploying ML models is relatively fast and cheap, but maintaining, monitoring, governing, and ensuring responsible use of them over time is difficult and expensive. An Explainable ML Monitoring system extends traditional monitoring to provide deep model insights with actionable steps. We will discuss ways to increase transparency and actionability across the entire AI lifecycle using explainable monitoring, allowing for better understanding of problem drivers, root cause issues, and model analysis through AI deployment. As businesses, consumers, and regulators are calling for more transparency and accountability in AI solutions, we will discuss how a combination of explainability and monitoring provide more trustworthy, transparent, and accountable AI at every stage of the AI lifecycle.

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