Jürgen Weichenberger

Data Science Senior Principal & Global AI Lead, Resources

Jürgen is Accenture’s Global Lead Data Scientist for the Resources Industries with interests in Manufacturing Analytics, MRO Analytics, Digital Plant Engineering and Optimization for Upstream and Chemical Industry. He has experience in engineering consulting, data science, big data and digital change. Next to this, Jürgen is leading the ML and AI Innovation agenda for the Resources Industries and has published papers and patents. A special emphasis of his work goes to the application of Quantum Computing and large scale Model Automation in the Resources Industries.

Tuesday, October 1
3:55 pm
4:25 pm
Robertson Auditorium
Traditional enterprises are often burdened by complex legacy systems, regulatory requirements, talent shortages, and other factors that make scaling machine learning more difficult than at startups. In this panel we discuss how traditional companies in a variety of industries can overcome these challenges and more successfully deliver data science and machine learning models into production.
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