Jennifer Prendki

Founder & CEO

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Alectio and has spent a large part of her career promoting the importance of creating a better approach to Machine Learning Lifecycle Management. Her current focus is on helping ML teams build better models with less data. Prior to founding Alectio, she was the VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight, one of the industry leader in data labeling (recently acquired by Appen); she also headed Machine Learning at Atlassian and various Data Science initiatives on the Search team at Walmart Labs. She is also known for her active support of women in STEM and Technology.

Tuesday, October 1
3:25 pm
3:55 pm
Robertson Auditorium
Operationalizing machine learning in an organization isn't only an issue of technology. People, organization and culture play critical roles as well. Get any of these wrong and your organization will struggle. This panel will explore strategies for fine-tuning (or overhauling) your organization's softer side to increase its effectiveness.
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