Hussein Mehanna

Head of AI/ML

Hussein is the Head of AI/ML at Cruise, the self-driving car company. Before Cruise, Hussein helped build Google’s Cloud ML Platform and Facebook’s FBLearner platform. He’ll be sharing some of the lessons he’s learned building ML platforms from scratch at some of the most advanced companies in the space, and applying these lessons with much smaller teams.

Wednesday, October 2
9:05 am
9:35 am
Robertson Auditorium
What should we takeaway from how web giants and autonomous vehicles are redefining scale and impact for ML platforms? Hussein Mehanna, Head of AI/ML at Cruise, a subsidiary of GM, is in a unique position to answer this question. Prior to joining Cruise, Hussein founded the AI Platforms team at Facebook and then went on to lead engineering and product for Google's AI platform. He's now pioneering the development of AI/ML platforms in the uncharted waters of autonomous vehicles where scale and impact take on a whole new meaning.
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