Faisal Siddiqi Netflix

Faisal Siddiqi

Director of Engineering, Personalization Infrastructure

Faisal Siddiqi leads Personalization Infrastructure at Netflix. His teams have built the large-scale machine learning platform that enables research and productization of Recommendations, Search and Creative Media ML experiences. Before Netflix, Faisal built the big data platform organization at Conviva, a streaming QoE startup, that enabled real-time streaming video insights for ESPN and HBO among others. His early career focus was on Networking systems, first at quality-of-service startup RouteScience Technologies and after RouteScience’s acquisition, at Avaya Technologies. Faisal has an MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University where he did network systems research at the SLAC National Lab.

Keynote Interview: Faisal Siddiqi
Wednesday, January 20 | 
09:00 AM - 
10:00 AM

Faisal is the Director of Engineering for Personalization Infrastructure at Netflix, where he runs multiple teams delivering large-scale ML infrastructure to support the company’s personalization research and systems. The teams he runs currently support model development, model tools and data, and model serving. At TWIMLcon, Faisal and Sam will discuss lessons learned building Netflix’s large-scale personalization infrastructure.

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