Adrien Cartier

Adrian Cartier

VP of Data Science
Ocelot Consulting

Adrian Cartier is VP of data science at Ocelot Consulting and chief data science officer at Freight Science. He is a nationally recognized thought leader and expert in data science. He brings 10+ years of experience building and leading robust data science solutions and teams. He is passionate about working cross-functionally with business and IT executives to build and scale out human-centred global data science practices ushering organizations towards a digital insights-driven company. Adrian earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Mississippi.

Why ML Projects Fail and How to Ensure Their Success
Friday, January 22 | 
10:20 AM - 
10:50 AM

Recent Gartner research pegged the failure rate of data and AI projects at 60-85%. There are many reasons why AI projects fail, but the question remains: What can leaders do to increase the success rate of ML/AI projects? This panel discussion will explore the principles, processes and practices that allow teams to get more models, with greater impact, launched and into production more quickly and consistently.

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