Team Teardown: Organizing and Supporting ML at Airbnb
Tuesday, October 1
4:25 pm
4:55 pm
Robertson Auditorium

We usually hear conference presentations from a singular perspective–that of one of an organization's data scientists, data engineers, platform engineers, or ML/AI leaders. In this "Team Teardown" panel we turn this model on its head and speak with several members of an organization's team to explore the complex relationships between platform consumers (i.e. data scientists) and providers (e.g. platform and data engineering) in order to understand how they organize and work collaboratively and efficiently to meet the needs of their organizations.

In this panel, we will explore how teams at Airbnb collaborate to deliver ML throughout the Airbnb product. We'll dive into how ML is organized within Airbnb and how teams interface with each other in order to execute on large initiatives. We will discuss the challenges of building ML in a diverse multi-functional organization, as well as the tradeoffs of the common organizational approaches we've seen. Representatives from around Airbnb will provide their unique perspectives.


Atul Kale

Engineering Manager

Peng Ye

Engineering Manager

Evan Cox

Engineering Manager, Trust Foundational Modeling Team

Sam Charrington

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