AI Operationalization: Where the AI Rubber Hits the Road for the Enterprise
Tuesday, January 26 | 
10:40 AM - 
11:10 AM PST

Operationalized ML is the coveted final step for data science organizations. Yet, most O16N success stories are still being told by companies born out of data, despite the majority of data science initiatives being led by non-digital-native enterprises.

In this fireside chat, Dataiku will speak to leaders at Palo Alto Networks, Clorox, and Johnson & Johnson about their experiences and struggles moving AI out of the sandbox and into production. We will focus on how they have implemented data programs across dimensions of scale, complexity and organization, and what their journeys have taught them along the way.


Mike Beckert
Data Scientist
The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Rasool Tahmasbi
Lead Data Scientist
Palo Alto Networks
Sarah Cullem
Director, Head of DTC Analytics & Data Science
Conor Jensen
Director of AI Consulting and Data Science
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