Scholarships & Volunteering


If you are a student interested in learning the latest in ML and AI, you have the opportunity to register for TWIMLcon: AI Platforms for FREE in exchange for volunteering for 8-12 hours. Volunteers will have a unique opportunity to work with professionals at the conference.  Volunteers will be responsible for giving 8- 12 hours of time assisting with activities such as helping with registration, answering questions about the conference, time keeping and managing some logistical aspects of sessions, and networking features. Volunteers will be expected to be on site the following times:

Monday September 30- 5pm- 7pm

Tuesday October 1- 8am- 5pm

Wednesday October 2- 8am- 5pm

Submission Deadline:  August 30


TWIML is committed to supporting diversity in the ML and AI community and that especially extends to lowering barriers to entry for everyone. Our TWIMLcon diversity scholarship is aimed at groups that are traditionally underrepresented in our community. Applications are open to people who identify as either a woman, person of color, LGBTQ person, person with a disability, and/or veteran.

Understanding the serious issues caused by homogeneity in AI is important for us all, so please read Rachel Thomas’ take on the state of the AI diversity crisis here

In order to ensure that a number of organizations are able to benefit from the fund, the maximum scholarship will be $750.  

Scholarships can be used to offset whichever expenses the organization has the greatest difficulty covering (travel, lodging, registration). Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Priority will be given to applicants whose participation will enhance the diversity of perspectives at the meeting, and the first applicant from any organization. 

Submission Deadline:  August 30

Once an application has been approved, we will provide instructions for submitting expenses and receiving your reimbursement.

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