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Learn How the Experts Deliver
High-Velocity Machine Learning
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Learn How the Experts Deliver High-Velocity Machine Learning at Scale!

In its second year, TWIMLcon: AI Platforms 2021 again assembled an impressive selection of enterprise ML/AI practitioners and leaders for two weeks of insightful presentations, workshops and discussions on accelerating ML development and deployment in the enterprise.

Experience the best of this event with TWIMLcon On Demand, and learn from nearly 60 speakers and 40 sessions, including interviews with data science, ML and AI leaders like:

Fran Bell in Collared jacket outdoors
Executive Summit
VP, Head of Data and Analytics
Faisal Siddiqi Netflix
Director of Engineering, Personalization Infrastructure
Solmaz Shahalizadeh Shopify
Vice President, Commerce Intelligence
Chris Albon
Director of Machine Learning
Ya Xu
Head of Data Science

The application of machine learning in the enterprise is moving incredibly fast, with modeling techniques, platforms, tools, frameworks, and infrastructure all evolving rapidly. As a result, many organizations are failing to get the most out of their ML investments, due to the many challenges of moving ML models from development to production.

Ten years from now we will look back on this period of time with wonder: Why did we struggle so hard to operationalize ML models? Why were there so many tool choices and platform options? Why was everyone building their own platforms and tools? Why was it so hard to incorporate best practices like MLOps?

Unfortunately, those organizations that opt to wait for clarity may not be around to benefit from it when it arrives! The rest of us must roll up our sleeves and figure out how to efficiently stand up the people, processes and platforms that will allow us to deliver ML and AI at scale.

At TWIMLcon: AI Platforms, we gathered world-class experts—practitioners and leaders who are building tools and teams for delivering high-velocity ML and AI at scale—to share their thoughts on some of the questions that we all find ourselves wrestling with.

With your TWIMLcon On Demand pass, you will learn:

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A Masterclass in Delivering High-Velocity ML at Scale

With over 30 sessions, TWIMLcon On Demand offers a masterclass in how to design and build teams and platforms for delivering machine learning in a high-velocity, repeatable, consistent and predictable manner—at scale:

“The benefits of attending this conference have been immeasurable. I learned how MLOps and the right machine learning platforms can take teams to the next level, but also that it isn’t just about the tools — it's also about how you instill the team's culture within the platform itself.
Mitchell Wade
Sr. Data Scientist Exelon Corp

A masterclass in delivering enterprise ML & AI.
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TWIMLcon sessions—presented by data scientists, engineers and leaders from teams at the forefront of operationalizing machine learning—can help you and your team save time and money by learning:

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