Please review the requirements and email your request for a press pass to Be sure to include a sample of your press credentials with your submission.

Criteria for a Press Pass


Please provide one of the following in your email to request a press pass:

  • Masthead from a current issue of a publication listing you as an editorial contributor
  • An article published within the past three months with your byline
  • A letter or email from an editor, news director or assignment editor saying that you have been assigned to represent the organization in an editorial capacity at TWiMLcon
  • Business card from your media outlet that includes your name and your editorial role


Bloggers requesting media registration must run or write for an established, independent site that is regularly updated with original and current news-related content. YouTube sites, Twitter pages, personal blogs, and forums will not be considered for media registration.

Industry Analysts

Please provide one of the following:

  • A report on a relevant topic published within the past six months with your byline
  • An article published within the past six months quoting you as an industry analyst
  • Cover of a research report from the past six months listing you as a contributor with your name, title and company

A press pass includes full conference access during regular conference hours

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