Live from TWIMLcon 2019: Community Hall Shorts, Part 3

On the heels of TWIMLcon, we bring you the final edition of #TWIMLcon Shorts. During and after day 2 of TWIMLcon, we were joined by a few of the awesome sponsors, attendees, and even some former podcast guests, to chat about what they are working on, their favorite TWIML podcast episode, parting thoughts on  #TWIMLcon and more!

Manasi Vartak, Founder and CEO of Verta.AI, a sponsor of TWIMLcon: AI Platforms

Walter Roth, sales advisor at Founding Sponsor Dotscience, and sales surgery expert!

Eero Laaksonen, who you might remember from Day 1, joins us to chat about Sam’s love of linguistics, the podcast music, and his thoughts on the conference.

Fredrik Rönnlund, Chief Growth Officer at TWIMLcon sponsor Valohai joined us to chat about his experience at the event.

Prasad Vellanki, CEO of One Convergence, joins us to discuss his experience at the conference, as well as his work at One Convergence.

Kaiwen Zhong, Product Manager of Data Science at Veeva Systems, and long-time listener of the podcast details her exciment around and biggest takeaways from the conference. Make sure you follow Kaiwen on IG!

Last but not least, we’re joined by John Bohannon, Director of Science at Primer AI. John, who joined Sam on the podcast on episode 136, gives us his thoughts on what made TWIMLcon special, Sam’s foray into journalism, and Primer Science.

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