Live from TWIMLcon 2019: Community Hall Shorts, Part 2

Continuing the live interviews from #TWIMLcon! Last night we sat down with a few of the awesome #TWIMLcon speakers, sponsors, and attendees to chat about what they are working on, their favorite TWIML podcast episode, the best #TWIMLcon session so far and more!

Weiping Peng, Software Architect at Salesforce, longtime TWIML podcast listener!

Drew Bollinger & Mark Wronkiewicz, working on Infrastructure and ML Modeling at Development Seed, using machine learning to analyze satellite images in the humanitarian and climate sphere (they are hiring!).

Ameen Kazerouni, Lead Data Scientist at Zappos – hear about his case study presentation yesterday at the conference!

Vince Jeffs, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Marketing AI & Decisioning at Pegasystems, former TWIML podcast guest (

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