TWIMLcon: AI Platforms caters to engineering and data science leaders and innovators focused on
the development and delivery of ML and AI platforms and infrastructure. The event aims to catalyze the development
of an informed, sustainable community of technologists equipped to meet the current and future needs of their

Why should you attend?

Having demonstrated the value of machine and deep learning through pilot projects and PoCs, enterprise AI practitioners and leaders face increased demand for deployed models across the business. To meet this demand they must now shift their
attention to scaling and industrializing the delivery of models within their organizations, which in turn requires
building out the appropriate technology platforms, tooling, and processes.

  • The role of platform technologies in accelerating and scaling machine learning and deep learning in the
  • Experiences and lessons-learned in delivering platform and infrastructure support for data management,
    experiment management, and model deployment
  • Platform deployment stories from leading companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and more
  • End-user and leadership perspectives on platform technologies
  • Organizational and cultural best practices for success

TWIML first began helping enterprises navigate this transition with a series of podcasts and ebooks centered on
enterprise ML & AI platforms, which launched in Fall 2018. The topic continues to resonate strongly, reflecting
both the growing community of enterprise technologists tasked with accelerating AI innovation, and the gap in
available opportunities to learn from and connect with peers. TWIMLcon: AI Platforms is a continuation of our effort
to close this gap, bringing the platforms community together to share, learn, and connect.

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